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donlavange's Journal

Don LaVange
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I'm a student at UVSC in the Integrated Studies program. I'm currently the Editor in Chief of "Intersections", a journal published yearly by the Integrated Studies Department at UVSC.

My studies at UVSC include emphasies in History and Religion. My special interest is ancient history and religion.

Previous to this incarnation as a student, I worked at WordPerfect Corporation as Director of Software Testing. My duties there included managing the various departments that performed software validation and defect reporting for products like WordPerfect 4.1, 4.2, 5.0, 5.1, and 6.0 on the platforms like Windows, DOS, VMS, Unix, and Mac as well as the same sort of functions for other WordPerfect Corporation products like GroupWise and WordPerfect Office.

I also created and directed WordPerfect Corp's Usability Lab.

At Novell Inc I functioned as Director of Software Testing for Novell GroupWise an email, calendaring and scheduling and document management program. Later I worked in the Group Technology Office researching aquistions and Internet Standard. I was active in the IETF's Calendaring and Scheduling work group and was a contributing author to the ICAL RFC.